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Chew On This: Cybersecurity Investment Strategies for Diverse Portfolios

Listen to our fourth installment of our webinar series, "Chew On This," where we delve into the complexities of cybersecurity investment strategies tailored for diverse business portfolios. In this co-branded episode with Expel, we explored pivotal insights into effectively securing companies that boast a portfolio of ventures.

Presented by Matt Donato, Partner at Echelon Risk + Cyber, and Paul Interval, Director of vCISO Services, this session dissected the critical questions surrounding cybersecurity integration within multifaceted business structures. How do companies with diverse portfolios synchronize their cybersecurity efforts?

Greg Notch, CISO at Expel, seasoned information security and technology executive with a remarkable background in developing secure solutions to drive business strategy. Greg brings extensive experience in establishing high-performing engineering teams and information security programs, along with a knack for digital transformation.

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