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Decode and Achieve CMMC Compliance

The Department of Defense (DoD) is working with private industry to enhance their cybersecurity and resiliency in order to further the protection of Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) supply chain.

Whether a prime contractor, subcontractor, or sub-tier supplier, every organization doing business with, or wishes to do business with, the DoD will need to be CMMC certified to the correct levels of the CMMC framework. The CMMC framework is technically challenging and implementing many of the practices outlined in the CMMC takes time, resources, tools and other investments.

Selecting a partner with the right technical skill sets and resources, as well as an understanding of the compliance model and framework can help you decrease your time to compliance. As a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO), we help Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) achieve CMMC compliance. We can assist your organization in understanding the requirements and the current state of compliance within your organization to set you on a path to success.

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Support for Compliance and Beyond

We will support your organization through the entire CMMC process and provide you with a holistic approach to help you not only achieve compliance, but also long-lasting cybersecurity improvements.

Scoping Workshop

One of the most critical steps in CMMC compliance is proper scoping. We will help to identify and define the organizational and technical boundaries of the environment(s) for the assessment. We will perform detailed technology survey workshops where we will build our understanding of the current state of FCI and CUI flow within your environment. The outcome will be a defined boundary for the coming phases of the process, or guidance and recommendations to scope down the systems and boundaries where possible. At the conclusion of the scoping phase we will have built a solid understanding and foundation for CMMC compliance based on business data flow and organizational needs.

CMMC Gap Assessment

The gap assessment phase of the CMMC compliance process evaluates the current state of your cybersecurity maturity program against the CMMC practice and process requirements. We will evaluate the people, processes and technology stack for each one of the CMMC control requirements. The outcome will be a comprehensive report outlining the current state of compliance and detailed recommendations and guidance to achieve the desired state.

Remediation Strategy & Support

As part of the outcome of the CMMC Gap Assessment we will help you define and document a phased remediation strategy and roadmap that puts your organization on a path to success where you will ultimately achieve compliance and make long-lasting cybersecurity improvements. Once the roadmap is in place, we can provide you with on-going support and assistance at various levels within your cybersecurity program. Depending on your own internal capabilities and commitments, we can assist from an overall project management and strategic guidance standpoint, or help you at the task level with security engineering, project management and control implementation.

Pre-Audit Assessment

When your organization reaches the point of gap closure and the to-do list is complete, you are nearing the audit milestone. Prior to having an independent third party perform the audit we recommend performing a pre-audit assessment. This pre-audit assessment is much like the gap assessment, however the pre-audit assessment will allow us to dive a little deeper to gain extra assurance that your organization is ready to pass the upcoming CMMC assessment.

CMMC Assessment Support

When your organization is finally ready for the third party assessment and validation, we can assist you in this process by helping you select a qualified assessment firm or CMMC Third Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO). We can assist you with writing an RFP for C3PAO selection, assist you through the interview and selection process, and then also provide assessment support and concierge services to make the assessment process go as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will support you by being the first interface to the assessment firm and we will help to satisfy evidence requests, answer questions from the assessment firm and provide any other support as necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

vCISO Support

Once you have successfully completed the CMMC assessment process, we will provide you with on-going cybersecurity support at both the strategic and tactical levels in order to ensure that your organization continues to achieve compliance and high levels of cybersecurity maturity over time.

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