Echelon HIPAA

Enhance patient privacy and secure health records beyond compliance.

Achieve Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, secure your electronic protected health information (ePHI) and protect your operational uptime.

Strengthen HIPAA Compliance and Critical Environments

Individual health records are some of the most private and protected digital assets in the world today. We help providers, covered entities and business associates secure environments and technology stacks to protect critical ePHI and other mission essential systems, so you can focus on patients and provide the care they need.

Our IT audit, compliance and risk management capabilities are all foundational elements to ensuring compliance with the HIPAA Security, Privacy and Breach Notification rules. We utilize guidance and specific audit protocol from the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (HHS OCR) to perform our evaluations of your environments to ensure compliance.

Build a Deeper Level of Cybersecurity Assurance

We offer our healthcare clients a comprehensive set of compliance and risk management solutions that go beyond checking boxes. By combining our compliance capabilities with our technical testing and analysis teams, we help you enhance your capabilities as we support you through a value-added partnership.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

HHS OCR enforcement actions for HIPAA regularly highlight the lack of a proper risk assessment for ePHI throughout the organization. Risk assessments are typically completely overlooked in the compliance process or performed ineffectively, this leads to downstream breach issues and large enforcement fines. We have a repeatable risk assessment approach that meets the letter of the law and the nature of the HIPAA legislation but also provides your organization with real business value and allows the process to be repeatable. Our HIPAA risk assessments are core to our compliance enablement process.

HIPAA Security/Privacy/Breach Rule Gap Assessment

Using the HHS OCR audit protocol, we will evaluate your current state of compliance. Our approach looks at people, processes and technology and helps to identify areas of non-compliance and highlights major areas of risk. The level of depth of our assessments can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Remediation Strategy & Support

As part of the outcome of the HIPAA Gap Assessment we will help you define and document a phased remediation strategy and roadmap that puts your organization on a path to success where you will ultimately achieve compliance and make long-lasting cybersecurity improvements. Once the roadmap is in place, we can provide you with on-going support and assistance at various levels within your cybersecurity program. Depending on your own internal capabilities and commitments, we can assist from an overall project management and strategic guidance standpoint, or help you at the task level with engineering and analysis.

vCISO Support

Once you have successfully completed the HIPAA Gap Assessment process, we will provide you with on-going cybersecurity support at both the strategic and tactical levels in order to ensure that your organization continues to achieve compliance and high levels of cybersecurity maturity over time.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are designed to emulate real-world attacks against your network, people, and systems to identify and uncover critical issues within your organization’s control structure. Our seasoned team of adversarial emulation consultants and white-hat hackers will use advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures to put your organization to the test.

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