Stay protected from threats, identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks with penetration testing services

We help you discover misconfigured or unprotected systems, identify gaps in your cybersecurity program and help improve organizational capabilities and resiliency to cyber attacks.

Trusted and certified cyber experts will evaluate your cyber resilience through advanced penetration testing, using leading frameworks and attack scenarios unique to your company’s software, networks and systems.

Echelon Penetration Testing

Improve your readiness for cyber threats:

Customized penetration testing improves your cybersecurity posture, levels-up your team’s cyber capabilities, and helps ensure compliance with standards that require penetration testing.

Identify risks hiding in plain sight:

Our penetration testing services follow the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), widely accepted and adopted as a best practice in the industry. It will help your team identify and mitigate practical risks quickly.

Real operators, real exploitation:

Echelon’s pen testing experts have outstanding certifications that set us apart: CISSP, OSCP, GPEN, CEH, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, eJPT, DEF CON Black Badge, eWPTX and more.

Improve your cybersecurity program and level-up your capabilities with Echelon Risk + Cyber pen testing services.

Our experienced team will attempt to gain a deep understanding of your external and internal networks and systems using both cutting-edge proprietary and publicly available tools. Using this knowledge, we will attempt to find and exploit misconfigurations within these systems in order to gain access to your most critical systems and data so that your team can fix and mitigate risks quickly with our expert support.

Internal/External Penetration Testing

Test your defenses against real-world attacks.

Instantly evaluate your cyber resilience through realistic penetration testing and attack scenarios aimed at your organization and systems.

Mobile App Pen Testing

Protect Your Mobile App Users' Privacy.

Mobile applications are vulnerable to attacks, making mobile app penetration testing essential for protecting user data. Our mobile app penetration testing services ensure comprehensive testing and remediation advice to keep your app secure.

Web App Pen Testing

Identify web application security gaps through emulated, real-world attacks.

Subject your web application to common attack techniques with our experienced professionals.

Continuous Pen Testing

Clearly see your vulnerabilities through the eyes of an attacker.

Continuously assess your security posture through expert-led, autonomous penetration testing.

Physical & Wireless Penetration Testing

Unlock complete protection for your organization's networks.

Fortify your organization's cybersecurity with our Physical & Wireless Penetration Testing. Don't settle for endpoint security alone. Uncover vulnerabilities and risks across your networks, both physical and technical.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Strengthen your organization's cloud security.

As cloud services increasingly overtake the common network landscape, it becomes critical to evaluate and harden your organization’s cloud security.

Case Study: MetaOptima Enhances Security Practices through a Web Application Assessment // HealthCare Cybersecurity

After two weeks, MetaOptima received penetration test results from Echelon and made immediate improvements to their application. The detailed report and open collaboration allowed for clear and precise resolutions to be reached quickly.

"Working with Echelon was a smooth and transparent process, their team of talented testers were quick to respond and provided an in-depth assessment of our application's security. We are looking forward to working with them again in the future."

- Parminder Benipal, Director of Technology at MetaOptima

The results of the penetration test allowed for security improvements in the following areas:

  • User Account Security
  • Endpoint Authorization
  • Input Sanitization

The testing of MetaOptima’s DermEngine web application allowed for the enhancement of the platform’s security, along with the implementation of future secure coding practices.

Learn how we can meet your unique needs with custom pen testing services

Reveal vulnerabilities to mitigate risks and level-up-up your cyber resilience in weeks, not months. Don’t leave room for threats to act against your brand.

Echelon Risk + Cyber penetration testing services emulate real-world attacks against your network, people, and systems to identify and uncover critical issues within your organization’s control structure. You will reduce practical risks substantially more than if you only perform a simple vulnerability assessment.

Penetration Testing Services V2 Validation


Validate current security investments and controls across the enterprise

Penetration Testing Services V2 Risk Measurement

Risk Measurement

Assess your susceptibility to real live emulated attacks to inform your risk exposure measurements and control effectiveness

Penetration Testing Services V2 Value


Understand where your current technology and cybersecurity investments are paying off and where they fall short

Penetration Testing Services V2 Resilience


Exercise your people, tune your toolsets, and optimize your processes in preparation for real attacks

Penetration Testing Services V2 Investments


Help guide a forward-looking roadmap and future cybersecurity investments in people and technology

Penetration Testing Services V2 Level Up

Level Up

Advanced offensive security exercises help you increase the effectiveness of your cyber posture on a regular basis

Service offering section

Echelon’s trusted approach for penetration testing services:

We employ a standardized process and methodology that is widely adopted in the security testing community and that will help your company to reduce the risks substantially:

Pre-Engagement Interactions – Collaborate and determine scope and other details.

Intelligence Gathering – Research and understand the target organization’s footprint.

Threat Modeling – Determine the best modes and methods of attack for the identified target systems using the most advanced tools.

Vulnerability Analysis – Discover and document potential flaws.

Exploitation – Take advantage of vulnerabilities in order to gain access to target systems.

Post-Exploitation – Determine the value of compromised assets, pivot, and escalate privileges.

Reporting – Communicate the results of the testing in a comprehensive and actionable way leveraging the advisory from Echelon cyber experts.

Deliverables of the pen testing

Successful penetration testing results in actionable findings and analysis. We will collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure you learn and implement the most impactful risk-reduction actions. Echelon takes great pride in our deliverables and will provide you with the following:

Executive Summary – Summarizes the scope of the assessment, primary strengths, major areas for improvement, and notable recommendations.

Detailed Report –Unique to Echelon, we begin our report by outlining Security Wins. This section highlights the strengths your organization exhibited during testing. Additionally, this report includes a graphical overview of our attack paths and discovered root causes. Our detailed observations are outlined using comprehensive screenshots and descriptions of the issues found.

Recommendations - The detailed section of the report also contains actionable recommendations for closing observations.

Mobilize our interdisciplinary team of awarded cyber experts:

Our seasoned team of certified experts, adversarial emulation consultants and white-hat hackers will use the most advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures to put your organization networks and systems to the test.

Dahvid Schloss

Dahvid is the Director of Offensive Security services at Echelon. As an experienced cybersecurity leader with over 12 years of cyber-attack and defense experience, Dahvid has previously worked as a Red Team Operator with a Big 4 consulting firm leading and conducting Adversarial Emulation (red team) exercises as well as served in the military, leading, conducting, and advising on special operations offensive cyber operations. He has a wide background in cybersecurity including logical, social, and physical exploitation as well as incident response and system/network device hardening. Dahvid is also a Malware Development Instructor, growing Adversarial Emulation knowledge to those looking to expand their skills in the highly specialized space.


  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Network+


  • DEF CON Black Badge Holder
Steve enjoys helping clients improve their overall security programs by increasing awareness within the organizations’ leadership teams. He previously worked as an operator for offensive cyber operations with DoD organizations and intelligence agencies prior to retiring from the military. Following his military career, he spent four years performing Red Team testing, Penetration testing, and Wireless testing for large organizations during his time working as part of a large consulting firm.

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN)
  • GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT)
Evan Hosinski

Evan is a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Offensive Security at Echelon. As an experienced cybersecurity consultant with cyber-attack and defense experience he has worked in many different capacities, Evan has previously worked as a Red Team Operator with a Big 4 consulting firm leading where he conducted Network, Wireless, and Social Engineering Assessments. He has a wide background in cybersecurity including having worked in Incident Response, Cybersecurity Engineering, and Digital Forensics Investigations for Fortune 500 companies and Nation-states. Evan is also a programming and cybersecurity instructor where he dedicates his time to teaching about programming, scripting, computer and network infrastructure.

Jake Murphy

Jake is an Offensive Security Consultant at Echelon where he is experienced in both building and pen testing web applications. He graduated from Grove City College after studying Computer Information Systems and has worked in the past with several Pittsburgh-based companies like Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). Jake has extensive experience with bug bounties and the Bugcrowd platform, totaling over 70 discovered vulnerabilities in Fortune 500 companies in the banking, retail, and government industries.


  • eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT)
  • eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester eXtreme (eWPTX)


  • DEF CON Black Badge Holder

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