Meet security strategy goals with virtual expertise and guidance.

It is possible to gain control of your cybersecurity program without a traditional CISO role. Our team works seamlessly with organizations to fill the CISO gap with fractional CISO or vCISO services, helping you address business-critical needs, reduce risks and improve overall resiliency. Our goal is to make cybersecurity a strength for your organization, not a liability.

Echelon VCISO

Build and Strengthen Organizational Capabilities

The Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) position in any organization has become crucial, but the role of the new CISO has evolved as rapidly as the scale and seriousness of cyber threats. Not only is this role expected to have technical expertise to advance the security posture of the organization, they are tasked with developing security-focused strategies to drive business decisions that executives can understand and support.

As a strategic partner, we can develop a security strategy to meet your unique organizational demands, setting you apart from competitors. With our fractional CISO or vCISO services, you can become less reac­tionary and more proac­tive by iden­ti­fy­ing risks before they are exploit­ed and pro­vide strate­gic solu­tions to stop poten­tial gaps.

V CISO Services v3
How We Work

vCISO Services / Fractional CISO Process + Program

Initial Risk Assessment

We will take an inventory of your key business systems, data and personnel and then perform a risk assessment that analyzes threats to your business and controls that you have in place to mitigate those threats.

Triage Period

Based on the initial risk assessment, we will assist with remediation of critical issues that present heightened immediate risk.

Full Standards Based Assessment

After we have identified issues requiring immediate attention, we will conduct a full standards-based assessment utilizing a widely accepted best practices framework that aligns with your business needs.

Initiate Roadmap

Finally, we will build a long-term improvement roadmap and assist your organization in implementing best practices and security controls that mitigate your cybersecurity risk.

Considering vCISO or Fractional CISO Services vs Hiring a CISO?
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