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How Safe is it to Scan a QR Code?

If you got here by scanning our QR code, thanks for that.

But really, it could have taken you anywhere. Like a malicious site hoping to trick you into sharing sensitive information, or a page that automatically downloads malware onto your device.

QR codes are clever (just ask Coinbase), but they can be security nightmares.

Here’s what our CEO, Dan Desko, had to say when he was interviewed by WPXI about this year’s Super Bowl ad.

Dan Desko WPXI Interview Echelon Risk Cyber QR Code

Article Excerpt

Desko said if you do scan a malicious QR code, you still have time to prevent becoming a victim.

“Most of the time, you still have to follow another prompt or two. You’ll still have to enter your credentials somewhere, or maybe it’ll ask you to download something,” Desko said.

Desko said you should always validate where the QR code is coming from and never scan a random QR code, such as one you might see on the street.

For Apple customers, the camera app on the phone is also a big help.

“The camera app shows you where that link is taking you before you actually go there, so you do have the chance to say yes or no,” Desko said.

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