Protecting the technology that transforms our world.

The expansion of ‘software as a service’ has empowered large and small businesses with tools previously inaccessible to them. It has also created interconnected pathways that, when left unprotected, serve as a ready entry point for bad actors.

Echelon SaaS

Solutions to Secure Technology and Gain Customer Trust

Technology innovators are changing the way businesses operate and serve their customers. As the call for more interconnected software and product increases, the pressure on the industry to achieve faster development times often results in a lack of properly secured development environments and software compliance assessments. These oversights leave interconnected businesses, customers and vendors unaware of their vulnerability to an attack and unable to protect themselves from increasingly complex threats.

Protecting code, development environments and end users requires a dedication to cybersecurity right from the start. We understand the security challenges created by networks of dependencies, as well as the risks down the line. Our team can help you build a security and compliance program to protect your code, development environment and customers so that you can focus on building the product that reshapes the way we do business.

Offensive Security Consulting + Adversarial Simulation Examine your cyber risk from every angle and strengthen your security posture with a proactive approach. Defensive Security Consulting + Hardening Prepare for the threats waiting to do you harm and quickly resolve security incidents. CMMC 2.0 Compliance Navigate the complexity of achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance and improve your cybersecurity. IT Audit Understand your key technology risks and level of mitigation in place with an objective Information Technology (IT) audit. SOC 2 Readiness and Enablement Prepare for the SOC 2 audit process, streamline compliance and continually improve your security posture. vCISO / Fractional CISO / Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy
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