Echelon retail

Protecting the prime target from persistent threats.

Retail businesses now hold an unprecedented amount of personal data. When a retailer gets compromised, it exposes not only customers’ financial accounts, but increasingly their personal information, including detailed personal preferences and purchase history, giving bad actors access to their personal identities.


Dynamic and Adaptive Solutions for Retail Transformation

Retailers around the globe continue to be one of the leading targets for frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks. As the industry continues to shift to more digital, cloud-based experiences, the increased amount of personal data stored, transmitted and collected makes retailers attractive targets. A single breach can release hundreds or even thousands of valuable data records, damaging reputation, customer loyalty and revenue.

Protecting customer data and personal information on both large networks and POS systems requires an enterprise-wide cyber risk management program to reduce risk, minimize costs and provide security to customer data. We can help you build a holistic strategy to digital transformation, providing dynamic and adaptive security solutions to protect your environments from attacks while supporting cyber compliance, like PCI-DSS, with assessments, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

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