Securing the flow of vital products to the world.

When manufacturers get compromised our supply chains become unstable with disastrous down-stream consequences. Because we are part of an industrial ecosystem, this creates a ripple effect, ranging from food shortages to interruption in the ability of other manufacturers to deliver on their products.

Layered Defenses for Smart Factories

As manufacturing facilities continue to enhance their production with digital technologies and smart factory interconnectivity, cyber threats have become an increasingly vital concern. While the employment of connectivity and machine learning helps manufacturers produce more at a better quality, it also makes protecting against, responding to and recovering from cyber attacks more challenging and complex.

Many manufacturers fall behind on connecting OT and IT strategies, and in turn lack the cyber programs necessary to protect data, production lines and intellectual property from cyber risks. We can help you build a holistic cybersecurity program that extends across the enterprise, providing layered defenses to prevent incidents and response plans to react quickly, reduce downtime and restore equipment to get you back up and running.

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