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A complete team of cybersecurity pros, delivered as-a-service, led by an experienced virtual CISO

Cybersecurity is a team sport - don’t try and tackle it alone. Our whole-team approach advances cybersecurity posture and minimizes organizational risk.

What is STaaS?

Comprehensive Cyber Services, Tailored to Your Needs

The Security Team as a Service (STaaS), led by a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), is your business's strategic advantage in the digital world.

Think of it as having a security expert on speed-dial, along with their team of cyber specialists, ready to protect your business from all threat actors.

The security team helps ensure that your company's systems, data, and people are well-protected, while also making sure you tick all the right boxes when it comes to legal and industry standards for cybersecurity.

Our clients enjoy:

Strategic and Tactical Partnership - more than just a vCISO, you get a team that acts as an extension of your business, tailored to your business

Industry Experts, in Your Corner - we’ve got your back

Freedom to Focus - you focus on running your business while we advance your cybersecurity initiatives

Cyber Portal

A Custom Cybersecurity Management Portal, for Better Collaboration, Visibility and Planning

Visibility and Collaboration in our Cyber Management Portal

All our packages include our Cybersecurity Management Portal, a web-based portal where our client’s teams can collaborate directly with their Echelon Cybersecurity Team.

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All projects, tasks and initiatives are tracked within the portal to give you real-time progress updates.


The portal is a repository for all the cybersecurity program information, including inventories, policies, and documentation.


All strategy meetings and workshops are tracked in the portal, including notes with key takeaways and next steps to keep everyone aligned.

How it Works

Your Cyber Partner
To Help Your Business Level Up

Our Security Team as a Service is led by a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) to help mature your cyber strategy and oversee your cybersecurity efforts.​ This unique combination is designed to provide your organization with expert on-demand cybersecurity expertise and advice.​

We will help you tackle your key cybersecurity initiatives and set you up for long-term meaningful success.

Here's how it typically works:

S Taa S Icons V2 1

1. Onboarding Discovery & Security Review

Align on goals and assess essential assets, systems and data.

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2. Triage Period

Coordinate comprehensive remediation plans for swift risk reduction and support urgent tasks.

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3. Establish Roadmap & Ongoing Support

Collaborate on a comprehensive cybersecurity plan to continuously level up.

Pricing + Plans

Security Team as a Service (STaaS) Example Plans

Our pricing combines vCISO advisory with resources and security services from our other cybersecurity teams, designed to meet your specific needs. Our three most popular packages include Standard, Premium and Premium Plus, but we will always customize a package for your organization.

Echelon S Taa S Plans Example V4 virtual ciso services plans

*Tools + Platforms

In addition to the cybersecurity services and custom cyber portal, we can evaluate your current security platforms and identify the right tools for your unique needs.

We foster deep and strategic relationships with the industry's top vendors. These partnerships enable us to provide you with cutting-edge technologies combined with our expert insights to fuel your growth.

Examples include:

Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Security Awareness Training

Threat Intelligence and Dark Web Monitoring

Security Endpoint Detection and Response

Automated Penetration Testing

GRC Management Platforms

What You Get

Example Objectives and Deliverables from Security Team as a Service

We are a companion in your cybersecurity journey, delivering valuable outcomes and deliverables tailored to fortify your cybersecurity defenses and compliance posture.

Cybersecurity Roadmap

Framework Management and Tracking

Policy Development and Management

Security Discoveries, Reviews, and System Hardening

Gap Identification

Current State Analysis

Compliance Support and Management

Vendor Risk Assessments and Due Diligence Responses

Regular Business Meeting and Audit Support

Cybersecurity and Compliance Reporting

Vulnerability Management

Security Tool Review and Tuning

Incident Response Planning and Tabletop Exercises

Keep Abreast of Evolving Threats and Compliance Requirements

Present to Key Stakeholders

Security Planning and Budgeting

Security Tool Selection

Penetration Tests, Assessments, and Remediation Support

Risk Management

System/Application/Data Security Practices and Processes

Security Awareness Training

Why We're Different

It’s Different Working with Us

At Echelon, we are not just a cybersecurity service provider - we are your trusted partner in creating a secure digital pathway for your business.

We're dedicated to delivering an exceptionally high level of service for your unique cybersecurity needs. Our team is a vibrant blend of dedicated, passionate, and top-notch cybersecurity talent, all geared towards one goal - your cybersecurity resilience.

We are your partner, committed to propelling your business securely into the digital future.

Here’s why Echelon is the right fit for you:

Client-Centric Excellence: Your satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s our benchmark of success. We thrive on open communication and transparency, ensuring you are always in the loop with the state of your cybersecurity landscape.

Quality at its Core: Every touchpoint with us is designed to exceed expectations, ensuring you get the maximum value out of our services.

Tailored Cybersecurity Program: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our services are meticulously tailored to offer an effective and efficient cybersecurity solution aligned with your business objectives.

Flexible Service Plans: Our service plans are as flexible as your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your budget and cybersecurity goals.

Continual Growth and Improvement: As a firm, we are on a continual trajectory of growth and improvement, always evolving to ensure our services are in sync with the latest cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements.

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