Echelon Offensive Security

Know your weaknesses, before your adversaries.

Examine your cyber risk from every angle and strengthen your security posture with a proactive approach.


Think Like the Bad Guys

Your team has an internal expertise of the systems, applications and network environments they’ve built, but adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) evolve rapidly. As cyber crimes become more sophisticated and daring, identifying your security gaps and critical areas of exposure before your adversary does is mission critical. Our team emulates the same techniques used by today's modern threats, and performs testing using TTPs that align with the specific threats you face, to provide visibility into your security posture and effectively identify gaps. By understanding the vulnerabilities in your environment, you can make informed decisions about mitigating and monitoring associated risks.


Close Paths to Compromise

Whether you’re looking to perform your first penetration test or an advanced adversarial emulation and red team exercise, our diverse expertise in offensive security consulting and testing helps you identify risk, remediate vulnerabilities and prioritize budgets and resources to realize critical business outcomes. Working together, we aim to share our methods and techniques to help your team understand the adversarial mindset, the tools they use, and how to fight back, improving your team’s capabilities and your long-term security program.

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