Protecting client data and professional reputation.

Professional services firms work with sensitive information from some of the world’s largest companies. A single breach at the firm level can negate the security efforts of loyal clients and result in extensive down-stream exposures.

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Solutions that Prioritize Client Security and Employee Awareness

Professional service firms make it their mission to deliver for their clients, going above and beyond to build relationships and trust. With client-first priorities, firms often neglect to implement organizational security to safeguard sensitive client data and protect the firm, and its employees, from cyber threats.

While a single breach can result in the loss of valuable data and serious financial implications, it can also cause significant brand damage in an industry where reputation is critical. We can help your organization prioritize effective risk management strategies, find the right cyber program to keep customer data secure and build a culture of security awareness at every level of your organization.

Offensive Security Consulting + Adversarial Simulation Examine your cyber risk from every angle and strengthen your security posture with a proactive approach. Defensive Security Consulting + Hardening Prepare for the threats waiting to do you harm and quickly resolve security incidents. IT Audit Understand your key technology risks and level of mitigation in place with an objective Information Technology (IT) audit. SOC 2 Readiness and Enablement Prepare for the SOC 2 audit process, streamline compliance and continually improve your security posture. vCISO / Fractional CISO / Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy
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