Protecting and Defending the World’s Best Defense Industry

Privacy and security are national rights. Disruptions and compromises of the defense industry can have a drastic impact on national security resulting in hardship for the entire country.

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Defense in Depth for the Defense Industry

The defense industry has some of the most sensitive and critical information related to national security. As a result, the defense industrial base (DIB) has long been targeted for frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks. The trend is only getting worse while adversaries’ capabilities are getting better. As General (Ret) McChrystal stated, “It takes a network to defeat a network.” Let’s network together to ensure security and privacy are basic national rights.

Protecting your data is fundamental to protecting the nation’s data; cybersecurity must be part of the solution from the start. We understand cybersecurity threats and can help you assess your cybersecurity posture as well as build a cybersecurity compliance program. Together, we will provide layered defenses to protect your data as well as our nation’s data.

Offensive Security Consulting + Adversarial Simulation Examine your cyber risk from every angle and strengthen your security posture with a proactive approach. Defensive Security Consulting + Hardening Prepare for the threats waiting to do you harm and quickly resolve security incidents. CMMC 2.0 Compliance Navigate the complexity of achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance and improve your cybersecurity. IT Audit Understand your key technology risks and level of mitigation in place with an objective Information Technology (IT) audit. SOC 2 Readiness and Enablement Prepare for the SOC 2 audit process, streamline compliance and continually improve your security posture. vCISO / Fractional CISO / Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy
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