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The Remote Worker’s Guide to Building a Professional Cybersecurity Network

Building a professional network can seem like a massive undertaking, especially if you happen to be an introvert, new to the cybersecurity field, or working remotely. I know this firsthand; working while also frequently traveling for the past four years, I found that I had to get creative to build my cybersecurity professional network. Luckily, in today's interconnected world, there are more approaches cybersecurity professionals can leverage to grow their networks than ever before.

Here are a few effective strategies to consider when looking to expand your professional network:

Attend Summits and Conferences - In person or virtually, these gatherings bring together professionals from various sectors of the industry. This is an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas, as well as learn about latest industry trends, technology, and research. There are many summits, events and conferences to consider, here are a few popular options:

  • RSA Conferences - RSA conferences take place in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates each year. These conferences are designed for cybersecurity professionals to continually strengthen their organizations and push their careers further.
  • DEF CON - A hacker convention with a strong focus on cybersecurity and digital freedom.
  • Black HatThis conference provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers, corporations, and government agencies around the world.
  • SANS Training Events and Summits – The SANS institute specializes in cybersecurity training, certifications and research. SANS Summits are comprised of in-depth presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and sharing forums.

Join a local/ digital chapter of Industry Associations – these organizations provide networking opportunities, resources, education, and advocacy for cybersecurity professionals:

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) - ISACA is an international professional association focused on IT governance. With a presence in 188 countries and with 225 chapters worldwide, ISACA is recognized around the world for its guidance, credentials, education, training and community.
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) - Information Systems Security Association is an international professional organization of information security professionals and practitioners. ISSA has local and regional chapters throughout the united states, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
  • International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 – this organization specializes in training and certifications for cybersecurity professionals. With over 600,000 members, it has been described as the world's largest IT security organization.

Join Cybersecurity Communities and Forums - Platforms like Reddit, Stack Overflow, and specialized cybersecurity forums offer opportunities to ask questions, share knowledge, and connect with professionals from around the world.

Use Social Media to Connect - Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can also be valuable tools for networking in the cybersecurity industry. Follow cybersecurity professionals and companies, join LinkedIn groups, and participate in discussions to expand your network and stay up to date with industry news and developments.

Create your own networking opportunities – It’s easier than ever before to launch a LinkedIn Live event or create an in-person event on Provide value to your community by thinking through events that you would like to attend and bring your vision to life! If you are passionate enough about a specific event, chances are professionals with similar interests will find it appealing as well.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, a professional network is a valuable asset that can open doors to various opportunities throughout your career journey.

By attending summits and conferences, joining an industry association chapter, participating in online communities and forums, using social media to form connections, or creating your own events, you can meet new people, enhance your knowledge and skills, and advance your career in cybersecurity.

What are your favorite ways to grow your professional network?

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