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Make your employees your strongest cybersecurity link – not your weakest

Boredom-free cybersecurity training and enablement to put your people on the offense

Where does your company’s cyber culture stand?

If employees are ignorant, indifferent, or even hostile about your cyber advancements, concerted efforts to raise security awareness will result in a much more aware workforce. At this stage, workers are informed on what should be considered risky vs. acceptable, what “red flags” they should be looking for, and how to respond when they see them. Effectively, an aware workforce is one that is armed with the knowledge needed to combat these threats.

However, companies should strive to push one step further to a proactive cyber culture. With a proactive cyber culture, users are empowered to report incidents and weaknesses even before technology teams are aware of them. Proactive organizations consistently improve their cyber posture with buy-in from the entire organization – from the front lines to the C-suite.

Lifecycle of Security Awareness Maturity
Lifecycle of Security Awareness Maturity

While social engineering is the number one cybersecurity threat in any organization, Echelon’s approach to cyber awareness training doesn’t stop with merely helping organizations avoid being breached.

We believe that properly implemented, holistic cyber awareness will transform the culture of entire organizations.

Our Services

Cyber Culture Transformation

As your cybersecurity training integration partner, we can streamline the process of making cyber awareness boredom-free. Our team has extensive experience in onboarding and optimizing cyber awareness, transforming the culture of many organizations to proactive.

Our goal is to foster environments where eager employees bring threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to technology teams driving consistent security improvements.

Our cyber culture transformation includes guidance on:

  • Identification of vulnerabilities in organizations’ cyber awareness. Not all organizations are the same – or have the same weaknesses.
  • Implementing security awareness training that employees don’t hate. We believe that cyber training should be informative, relevant, useful, and even fun for users.
  • Effective incentives (that don’t need to be costly) to reward user cyber awareness and alter behavior.
  • Tips, lunch & learns, and newsletters to help employees become more secure at home. (Security-aware people result in a more secure organization).
  • Implementing a give-and-take relationship with the business to help eliminate shadow I.T. and show the value of technology teams’ secure governance of information systems.
  • Customizing cyber awareness training to fit the needs and security weaknesses of the business, as well as tailor-fitting the training programs to address specific business units that tend to be highly targeted by cyber criminals (e.g., HR, Finance, IT, and Executive teams).
  • Identifying key metrics and best practices for tracking improvements over time, giving you the information you need to report improvements over time and show the effectiveness of your cybersecurity operation.
  • Developing workflows to automate the response to emails reported as phishing to reduce the burden on IT and security teams, as well as orchestrate your response playbooks for added efficiencies.

Cybersecurity Training Seminars

Our Cybersecurity Seminars provide attendees with the knowledge they need to reduce the risk of a computer incident occurring in your organization.

Through hands-on demonstrations, real life examples, and detailed summaries, we enable your employees to face the world of cyber-crime equipped with knowledge and practices to protect both themselves and your company.

  • Proper security awareness training helps eliminate low hanging fruit from a threat actor’s attack landscape.
  • Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how real-life cyber-attacks occur.
  • Users armed with practical knowledge are more skeptical of incoming emails, taking care to review unexpected messages prior to opening.
  • Real world examples and live demonstrations drive home the severity of security awareness and imparts a better understanding of an individual employee’s responsibility.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Phishing Platform Subscription


Our mission is to provide the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for our customers, which is why we have partnered with KnowBe4, the leader in Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platforms. KnowBe4 is the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. They help you keep your users on their toes with security top of mind.

Awareness TrainingKnowBe4 offers the world’s largest library of always-fresh security awareness training content that includes assessments, interactive training modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters.

Phishing CampaignsKnowBe4 offers a new-school approach to training users on the threat of phishing by allowing you to create phishing campaigns that send your users simulated phishing emails. These simulated attacks mimic actual phishing attacks and teach users how to stay alert.

Exposure Tools – A series of tools can be used to identify the use of weak & breached passwords, breached accounts, publicly exposed email addresses, the potential of your email domain to be spoofed, and the effectiveness of anti-malware capabilities.

Email Incident Reporting – With a single click, users can report suspicious messages with the Phish Alert button. Additionally, with the PhishER module, KnowBe4’s toolset is leveraged as a single pane of glass to triage, sandbox, respond to, and contain email-based cyber threats; this platform can also be leveraged to offer automated responses to users’ reported messages.

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