Pittsburgh Cybersecurity Company Helps Afghan Refugees in ‘Digital Dunkirk’ Mission

Danielle Desko

(Pittsburgh,PA) September 1, 2021 -- From behind keyboards, a nationwide effort called ‘Digital Dunkirk’ was able to help refugees escape Afghanistan. Echelon Risk + Cyber, a Pittsburgh-based cybersecurity firm, volunteered resources and played a critical role in the movement.

Echelon team members used their technical skills, combined with social media platforms to communicate with Afghan refugees and helped them find ways inside and through the Kabul International Airport. The veteran-run ‘Digital Dunkirk’ mission consisted of people from all over the United States, Canada, and England.

“The team at Echelon was able to use the skills they use daily for our clients and translate those skills to help save lives and bring people to safety,” said Echelon CEO and founder Dan Desko. “We believe security is a basic human right and I’m proud of what the team was able to accomplish.”

As a result of the mission, Echelon team members were able to help at least 50 Afghan refugees to safety.

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