Echelon Purple Teaming

Test your defense and response to perceived threats.

Better understand how your people, processes and technology react to a threat with Purple Teaming.

Detect Threats and Improve Response

Purple teaming is an essential part of maintaining a superior security posture. It allows for the harmonization of the offensive (Red) and defensive (Blue) teams, establishing solid lines of communication. This collaboration results in increased vulnerability detection and effectiveness in threat mitigation, as well as a deeper assurance of your company’s ability to defend against a cyber-attack.

Our team of dedicated Red Team operators will conduct assessments and work with Blue Teams to remediate discovered risks. Our goal is to level up your Blue Team with an increased understanding of offensive tools and techniques.

Combat and Counter Real-world Attacks

As cybersecurity continues to grow in importance, so does the need for collaboration between Red and Blue Teams. Our goal with any Purple Teaming engagement is to ensure that your company understands why a vulnerability exists, how it can be exploited and how to fix it. We communicate the results of our penetration tests clearly and efficiently, providing you with the resources and ability to mitigate vulnerabilities for a more secure and productive environment.

Purple Team Process

Plan (Scoping, Scanning and Threat Mapping)

A successful Purple Team engagement starts with understanding your goals. Through in-depth scoping conversations, we will discuss top assets, network structure, perceived areas to improve and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to explore.

Based on our scoping conversations, we’ll collaboratively establish persistence in your network to conduct initial operations that will inform additions to the list of TTPs to be tested in the next phase.

Last in this phase, we perform formal threat mapping, which uses the knowledge gained from the scoping conversations and scans to map possible threats to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This step finalizes the TTPs that will be tested in the next phase and ensures that they meet the goals of your organization.


In this phase, the Red and Blue teams continue to work together to enact the agreed-upon TTPs, adjust TTPs and monitor the Blue team responses, ensuring your Blue team will be able to answer the questions:

  • How is this TTP performed?
  • Will this behavior appear in our logs?
  • If so, will an alert be generated? How can we alert on this?
  • What would our response to this TTP have looked like?

Detailed Report

After the Purple Teaming exercise, your organization will be provided a comprehensive report both highlighting defensive strengths and detailing tested TTPs, current-state responses and corresponding recommendations for improving your Blue team’s detection and response capabilities.

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