Echelon SOC 2 Readiness

Keep client data safe and streamline compliance.

Prepare for the SOC 2 audit process, streamline compliance and continually improve your security posture.

Ensure SOC 2 Compliance at Every Level

Software platforms and value-added service offerings are critical to businesses thanks to their enhanced and focused capabilities, operational simplicity and cost efficiencies. However, entrusting confidential employee and customer data or hosting core service offerings to an outside party demands a higher level of trust within the business relationship.

As a SaaS organization or other “as-a-service” provider, complying with SOC 2 mandates can take valuable time and resources away from business-critical operations. With our SOC 2 Readiness Assessment, we focus on your compliance so you don’t have to.

Our SOC 2 experts will help you meet the demands of your customers, guide you through the requirements to become compliant and assist in implementing processes and procedures to make meaningful and lasting improvements.

Holistic Solutions for Competitive Advantage

Implementing many of the practices outlined in the SOC 2 framework takes time, resources, tools and other investments. Throughout the SOC 2 process, we can provide a holistic approach to help you not only achieve compliance, but also long-lasting cybersecurity improvements.

SOC 2 Readiness Assessment

The readiness assessment phase of the SOC 2 compliance process evaluates the current state of your technology controls and business governance practices against the SOC 2 framework. We will evaluate the people, processes and technology stack for each one of your control requirements. The outcome will be a comprehensive SOC 2 readiness gap report outlining the current state of compliance and provide direction to achieve the recommended state.

Remediation Strategy & Support

As part of the outcome of the SOC 2 Readiness Assessment we will help you define and document a phased remediation strategy and roadmap that puts your organization on a path to success where you will ultimately achieve compliance and make long-lasting cybersecurity and business governance improvements. Once the roadmap is in place, we can provide you with on-going support and assistance at various levels within your compliance program. Depending on your own internal capabilities and commitments, we can assist from an overall project management and strategic guidance standpoint or help you at the specific task level as required.

SOC 2 Automation

Through our partnership with a leading SOC 2 automation and compliance platform, we will enable you to put many parts of your SOC 2 compliance program on autopilot. We will assist you with the initial rollout and setup of the software automation integrations with your supported business platforms (e.g.: ERP, HRIS, Cloud Platforms, SSO, etc.). The platform also provides several tools that make compliance a breeze, including a risk assessment tool, a cybersecurity training module, on-boarding process automation, and much more. Our automation platform will drastically cut down on the time to compliance and your audit process will also be fully streamlined and simplified. On average, our clients save 500+ engineering and back office personnel hours per year through our automation process, this is in addition to lower cost of audit.

Pre-Audit Assessment

When your organization reaches the point of gap closure and the to-do list is complete, you are nearing the audit milestone. Prior to having an independent third party perform the audit we recommend performing a pre-audit assessment. This pre-audit assessment is much like the gap assessment; however the pre-audit assessment will allow us to dive a little deeper to gain extra assurance that your organization is ready to pass the upcoming SOC 2 audit.

Our pre-audit assessment will ensure that:

  • All controls tests are being met
  • All policies, procedures and other documentation meet the SOC 2 requirements
  • Appropriate audit evidence is being maintained

SOC 2 Audit Support

When your organization is finally ready for the third party SOC 2 audit and validation, we can assist you in this process by helping you select a qualified SOC 2 audit firm. We can assist you with writing an RFP for SOC 2 audit firm selection, assist you through the interview and selection process, and then also provide assessment support and concierge services to make the audit process go as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will support you by being the first interface to the audit firm and we will help to satisfy evidence requests, answer questions from the audit firm and provide any other support as necessary to achieve a successful SOC 2 audit.

vCISO Support

Once you have successfully completed the SOC 2 audit process, we will provide you with on-going support at both the strategic and tactical levels in order to ensure that your organization continues to achieve compliance and high levels of cybersecurity and organizational control maturity over time.

The level of support needed can be customized based on your specific needs. Typical responsibilities of a vCISO may include:

  • Cybersecurity Leadership and Guidance
  • Security Training and Awareness
  • Customer Interface for Security and Compliance Concerns
  • Board and Executive Leadership Presence
  • Regular Risk Assessment and SOC 2 Audit Support
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • Vendor Risk Management Assessments
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