Echelon Active Directory Security Assessment

Identify and close common attack paths.

Enhance your Active Directory security posture with holistic assessment and remediation services.

Take Control of the Central Nervous System of Your Technology Environment

Active Directory is like the central nervous system of your technology environment. It is a powerful management tool that exerts control over so much of your network, from its topology, to authentication, and beyond.

Because of this, Active Directory is a clear target for attackers. Many times, new attack paths are opened unintentionally through Active Directory. Issues such as nested permissions or mis-assigned group policy objects (GPOs) are common in everyday operations. These misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are like skeletons in the IT closet.

Our Active Directory Security Assessment (ADSA) can help you shine light on those skeletons and provide an objective and comprehensive view into your Active Directory security posture.

Our assessment methodology combines the knowledge of our adversarial engineering expertise with our security engineering defensive mindset, and incorporates several global best practice frameworks for securing Active Directory. Our assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of current Active Directory security maturity.

In addition to highlighting Active Directory issues, we have the engineering prowess to help you develop and execute a successful remediation plan, effectively enhancing your cybersecurity resilience.

A Phased Approach to a Higher State of Active Directory Maturity


We confirm your goals and expectations, identify key stakeholders, and determine the assessment schedule.


We determine the scope of the Active Directory environment and assess number of Active Directory forests, domains, trees, and objects that are within scope of the engagement.

Data Gathering

We take a snapshot of the current state of the environment and gather any relevant data needed to perform our assessment. We use a combination of proprietary, open-source, and commercial tools to retrieve data related to hundreds of Active Directory configurations from your environment.

Data Analysis

The data analysis phase is where our experts dive in and assess the data we’ve received. Our audit programs have hundreds of data points that are analyzed and assessed through this process. Our experienced analysts review the data versus best practices and hardening guidance to diagnose any security findings or misconfigurations in the environment. We also rank the risk of each finding according to severity of potential impact along with likelihood of exploitation.


The result of all the previous steps is a comprehensive report that outlines the entire process that was followed and gives you detailed observations with full recommendations for remediation.

Our ADSA report also contains:

  • Engagement background and overview
  • Executive summary, outlining top issues but also key strengths
  • Detailed overview of your Active Directory environment
  • All major findings and detailed recommendations, ranked by risk
  • Visualized theoretical attack paths based on details of your environment
  • Theoretical ransomware propagation assessment

Remediation Strategy and Support

We take pride in making the work that we do for our clients meaningful. Without proper remediation and support, even the best reports and assessments are meaningless.

We provide hands-on security engineering support and assistance to drive meaningful change and best practice adoption of everything that we recommend. Our cybersecurity engineers can supplement your team to drive change and help you implement the recommended changes within your environment.

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