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Mobile applications are vulnerable to attacks, making mobile app penetration testing essential for protecting user data. Our mobile app penetration testing services ensure comprehensive testing and remediation advice to keep your app secure.

Echelon Cyber Mobile app pen testing

Mobile app popularity is on the rise, but with accessibility comes risk. Convenience makes them a prime target for security breaches.

Mobile app security is a critical issue that cannot be ignored, as vulnerabilities can lead to serious consequences for both your users and your business. Common mobile app security risks include data breaches, privacy violations, and financial losses.

Mobile App Penetration Testing is a crucial step in identifying and addressing app vulnerabilities, ensuring that user data is protected and that your app meets the highest security standards. Mobile app developers must make security a top priority by conducting Mobile App Pen Testing and implementing robust security measures to protect your users and your business from security breaches.

Most security testers only check the box for the sake of compliance.

It’s different working with Echelon. Our experienced team of mobile application testing specialists will work with you to understand your business and the use cases behind your mobile application. This deeper level of understanding helps us understand the motivations of a threat actor and how they might approach attacking your mobile application and infrastructure.

Echelon’s cybersecurity experts will simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited by threat actors to gain unauthorized access to sensitive personal data, tamper with your mobile application, or compromise the integrity of the system. Echelon utilizes industry-leading tools and techniques to thoroughly test the security of mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms.

Key Benefits

Learn from the mind of an attacker.
Our mobile application penetration tests are designed to comprehensively evaluate your mobile app in various states and across different modes. You will benefit from an experienced team with expert viewpoints as we uncover unique vulnerabilities hidden within your apps.

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities quickly.
As our expert security engineers uncover vulnerabilities within your application, we will communicate to your team in real-time and advise on remediation.

Proven methodology that works.
We follow mobile application security best practices frameworks such as the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and the OWASP Mobile Application Security Checklist as the basis for our testing. These frameworks provide us with a proven process for uncovering serious mobile application issues.

Our mobile application penetration testing services may include:

Static analysis: Our team will review the application’s source code and assets to identify potential vulnerabilities

Dynamic analysis: We test the application’s functionality and behavior while running, looking for vulnerabilities that may be exploited at runtime

Network analysis: We examine the application’s network communications to identify potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations

API testing: We test the application’s APIs to identify misconfigurations and security issues within the implementation

User experience testing: We evaluate the mobile app's user experience to identify any security issues that may be caused by poor design or user error

We're ready to help secure your mobile app

Our offensive security team has extensive experience in mobile app security, and have each earned the eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester (eMAPT) certification. We can conduct a thorough and efficient penetration test following the OWASP Framework, ensuring that your app is as secure as possible.

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