Echelon War Gaming

Guide your team through realistic and relevant cyberattack scenarios.

Test your ability to Detect, Protect and Respond to security events as they occur.

Build Cyber Resilience Through Practice

War Gaming exercises allow you to test your defensive tactics and procedures around your Detect, Protect and Respond capabilities. These flexible exercises resemble Penetration Testing but do not require active network exploitation.In a War Gaming exercise, your team carries out the entire Incident Response pipeline, showcasing both your program’s strengths and its gaps. We help you determine your organization’s preparedness for a future cyber-attack, allowing you to strategize for a more secure tomorrow.

Improve Incident Plans for Future Resiliency

Our specialists bring an adversarial mindset based on experience performing these attacks in the real world. We tailor each scenario uniquely to your environment, allowing your defenders to run through real responses and apply their findings to future breaches. To provide realistic and relevant scenarios that best fit your environment, we build our assessments around the following steps:

Phase 1: Research and Understanding

In this phase, we conduct research on your external and internal environments to learn who you are as a company and what your technology stack looks like. This phase is key for us to understand you from an attacker’s perspective.

Phase 2: Scenario Design

Using our understanding of your environment, we focus on your top assets and develop several scenarios. These scenarios increase in complexity following a “crawl, walk, run” methodology. This serves both to acclimate your team to the exercise and to address fundamental observations that may be missed in more complex attacks.

Phase 3: Scenario Execution

We execute the scenarios with your team, testing your Protect, Detect and Respond capabilities. After completing the scenarios, we provide you with a report highlighting the strengths of your program as well as observations for improvement.

War Gaming Delivery Options

Our War Gaming services can be delivered through multiple style options and simulations. These styles include Linear Scenario, Progressive Scenario, and Dry Fire:

  • Linear Scenario – Our team uses the information gained in interviews with your cybersecurity team to generate an engagement that drives your team through specific, predetermined exercises
  • Dynamic Scenario – Like the previous scenario type, but involves a nonlinear, branching engagement that uses multiple predetermined paths based on your organization’s responses
  • Dry Fire – A fully open-ended engagement designed to emulate an active adversary, informed by your specific organization’s attack surface and network environment.
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