Strategic and Technical Expertise to Make Your Crowdstrike Vision a Reality

Echelon and CrowdStrike join forces to deliver powerful cybersecurity solutions, combining advanced threat detection from Echelon with CrowdStrike's state-of-the-art endpoint protection.

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Navigating Today's Challenges: Echelon and Crowdstrike's Comprehensive Cybersecurity Overview

Echelon's dedication to safeguarding the basic rights of privacy and security aligns seamlessly with Crowdstrike's mission to prevent breaches and elevate cybersecurity standards. Our partnership with Crowdstrike offers our joint clients a robust, end-to-end cybersecurity solution addressing prediction, prevention, detection, and response.

Together, we provide a unified security fabric, optimizing the Crowdstrike suite to tailor solutions for each client's unique environment. Clients benefit from Echelon's expertise in deploying Crowdstrike, creating a seamless, holistic security approach that maximizes efficiency, reduces operational costs, and ensures a reduced risk posture over time.


How We Partner with Crowdstrike

Working with Echelon and Crowdstrike is a force multiplier for organizations aiming to strengthen their risk posture. Clients can expect personalized, efficient solutions tailored to their specific needs.

When you choose Echelon Risk + Cyber and Crowdstrike as your cybersecurity partners, you can expect:


Efficient Collaboration

Seamless coordination between our teams and Crowdstrike's sales representatives ensures a smooth experience throughout the engagement.


Proven Security Solutions

We operationalize Crowdstrike's tools, ensuring that your organization not only deploys cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions but also maximizes the return on investment.


Tailored Services

We understand the unique needs of each client. By working closely with Crowdstrike, we tailor our services to address specific industry challenges and organizational requirements.

Comprehensive Crowdstrike Expertise

As a key participant in Crowdstrike's Elevate Partner Program, Echelon serves as a reliable partner committed to delivering exceptional cybersecurity services. Our partnership goes beyond mere transactions, focusing on mutual success and ongoing enhancements.

With certifications on the Falcon platform, our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of collective experience to offer clients unparalleled security capabilities. Our collaboration is in harmony with Crowdstrike's Elevate Program, guaranteeing clients access to premium services and cutting-edge solutions.

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Join Us in Strengthening Cybersecurity

Together, Echelon Risk + Cyber and Crowdstrike are redefining the standards of cybersecurity. Join us on this journey to fortify your organization against cyber threats and embrace a future where security is not just a measure but a mindset.

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