Echelon Incident Response

Prepare for the inevitable with a clear incident response plan.

Develop a tailored incident response plan and train your team for core resilience.

Plans and Training to Meet Your Needs

Cyber aware organizations understand that there is no such thing as total and complete security. Cybersecurity incidents are not a matter of “if” but “when”. Studies show that organizations with a detailed and well-exercised incident response plan suffer from less downtime than their underprepared counterparts.

Knowing how your organization will respond when the threat occurs is key to maintaining a secure environment and lessening the impact of the event. Our dedicated security specialists work with our clients to evaluate the maturity of their current incident response capabilities and give them the tools, guidance and hands-on support they need to level up their incident response program and capabilities.

Incident Response Capability Maturity Assessment

Understanding where you currently stand is one of the first steps of any key initiatives meant to build organizational capabilities, especially in an ever-changing field like cybersecurity incident response.

We help you take stock of the current state of your incident response capabilities so that you may understand where there are gaps or blind spots in your current incident response program. Our priority will be to help you identify the current state of your incident response capabilities and work with you to formally document and build out that understanding using a proven Incident Response Capability Maturity Model.

Incident Response Plan Development

An organized and well-thought-out cyber incident response plan will allow your organization to act swiftly in the face of a threat to protect your systems, networks, operations, and business reputation. Whether you want to update or validate your current incident response plan or are developing your first plan, our experts can help.

We will employ a phased development plan to help get the right strategy in place. During our incident response plan development services, we will perform the following:

  • Build an Understanding of your Environment
  • Identify Key Personnel, Vendors, and Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Contemplate and Design Key Pillars of the Plan
    • Preparation
    • Identification
    • Containment
    • Eradication
    • Recovery
    • Lessons Learned
  • Design Plans for Notification and Communication
  • Define Plan Testing and Review Cycles

Incident Response Plan Tabletop Exercises

Our Incident Response Plan Tabletop Exercises are discussion-based exercises that provide one or more incident scenarios that have been tailored specifically to your unique environment and operational needs. Our cybersecurity experts will facilitate the exercise with your team, including the actions that are required, who is responsible for them, who needs to be notified and how to coordinate these multiple moving parts.

  • Made-to-Measure Approach – We will design incident scenarios that are applicable and realistic based on your environment, including relevant threat scenarios that target your most critical assets.
  • Efficient and Productive – Our guided exercise through a simulated threat will take much less time than an actual attack but will give you just as much to learn.
  • Realistic and Practical – We draw upon our personal experiences to give you a tabletop exercise that mimics real life events and allows your team to experience a realistic scenario.
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