Echelon Social Engineering

Strengthen security with employee training and scenario based testing.

Identify and prevent social engineering attacks through advanced simulations and hands-on instruction.

Uncover Security Training Weaknesses

Research has shown that an estimated 91% of all cyberattacks begin with phishing and are responsible for the majority of data breaches across the globe. Malicious hackers are highly capable of tricking people and companies into handing over credentials, sensitive data or files. Making your company aware of Social Engineering attacks is a key part of maintaining a secure environment.

We can help you prepare and prevent these attacks from ever occurring by simulating a phishing attack and recording your employees’ response to it. Our team of dedicated security specialists can assist organizations of all sizes advance their cybersecurity program through valuable social engineering exercises and advanced training on how to identify a social engineering attack.

Real-life Testing for Real-time Response

The impact of a cyberattack can be devastating. The only way to determine if your company is susceptible is to thoroughly test, train, record the results and aggregate the data over time. Our goal is to thoroughly prepare your employees in order to prevent a simple mistake from turning into a devastating breach.

Our process uses a combination of employee training and attack simulation. Our team executes real phishing campaigns that replicate the same techniques used by real threat actors, testing your technology stack along with your user’s education and awareness.

Our well-crafted campaigns are designed to breach your defenses by attempting to steal credentials, implant malware and more. Campaigns can be conducted as a solo exercise or in tandem with an internal/external penetration test. Our phishing campaigns can also help you meet the regulatory requirements of the FFIEC, PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, CMMC and more.

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