Echelon Risk + Cyber Introduces vCISO-Led Security Team as a Service (STaaS) to Mature Cyber Strategy for Mid-Sized Organizations

Echelon Security Team as a Service

Pittsburgh, PA / 30 Jan 2024 – Echelon Risk + Cyber, a cybersecurity professional services firm, today announced their vCISO-Led Security Team as a Service (STaaS), designed for any mid-sized organization seeking to advance their cybersecurity posture and minimize organizational risk. The service features a complete team of cybersecurity pros, delivered as-a-service, and led by an experienced vCISO (virtual chief information security officer).


Comprehensive Cyber Services, Tailored to each organization’s needs.

STaaS is designed to be a strategic advantage in the digital world. Think of it as having a security leader on speed-dial, along with their team of cyber specialists, ready to protect any business from threat actors. The security team helps ensure that any company’s systems, data, and people are well protected, while navigating the complex and ever-changing compliance landscape.

Echelon provides these services as part of a strategic and tactical partnership with clients, giving them full support from a virtual security team including offensive security, adversarial emulation, defensive hardening, and compliance experts. STaaS clients enjoy the freedom to focus on running the business while Echelon advances cybersecurity initiatives.

Visibility and Collaboration with a Custom Cyber Management Portal

Echelon’s vCISO-Led Security Team as a Service includes a web-based cybersecurity management portal where the client’s teams can collaborate directly with their Echelon Cybersecurity Team. The portal is a repository for all the cybersecurity program information, including inventories, policies, and documentation. All projects, tasks and meetings are tracked within the portal for real-time progress updates, visibility, and alignment.

Level-Up the Cyber Tech Stack

In addition to cyber services and the custom cyber portal, Echelon can evaluate current security platforms, and identify the right tools for each unique need. They foster deep and strategic relationships with the cyber industry’s top vendors, allowing them to combine cutting edge technology with expert insights to fuel growth. Tools may include vulnerability management, security awareness training, threat intelligence, security endpoint detection, automated penetration testing, and GRC management platforms.

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Echelon Risk + Cyber is a cybersecurity professional services firm built on the belief that privacy and security are basic human rights. Echelon’s comprehensive suite of services are customized and right-sized for each client, helping to solve even the most complex cybersecurity issues. Services include vCISO-Led Security Team as a Service, Offensive Security Consulting & Adversarial Simulation, Defensive Security Consulting & Hardening, and Cyber Risk Advisory & Compliance.

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