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Go Beyond Just Checking the Boxes

In the financial services industry, executives who lead internal audit and cybersecurity functions are charged with keeping sensitive and critical data safe. Regular audits are expected, but as the threat landscape evolves, you need a fresh approach to stay ahead of the threats and to address your weaknesses BEFORE an examiner points them out.

Free Resources for Audit & IT Leaders

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Choose a cybersecurity partner who offers:

  • Deep financial industry experience – knows what’s required and goes beyond it
  • Collaborative team – a team of hackers, tech teams and auditors stay coordinated for a unique and customized solution
  • Fresh approach – takes audits beyond the baseline to consider emerging threats and new operational areas
  • Strategic focus – designed to help build a customized future vision that keeps you ahead of the game (and the threats) for the long term
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Echelon Risk + Cyber is uniquely positioned to help banks go BEYOND just checking the boxes for your audits. We help you become more strategic and innovative, ultimately improving your security posture for the long haul.

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