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Hackin’ SaaS – Echelon’s Top 10 Web App Vulnerabilities
Hackin’ SaaS – Echelon’s Top 10 Web App Vulnerabilities
Echelon's Offensive Security (OffSec) team of ethical hackers conducts daily penetration tests on web applications, uncovering common vulnerabilities that threaten online security. In this article, we explore the top 10 web app vulnerabilities frequently encountered during penetration tests. From SQL injection to CORS misconfigurations, we'll delve into each vulnerability and discuss how to both exploit and safeguard against them with web app security best practices.
Posted on Sep 13 / 2023
Network Pivoting and the eCPPT Exam
Network Pivoting and the eCPPT Exam
Learn about network pivoting techniques for the eCPPT exam and penetration testing. Understand the concept of pivoting, explore tools like Metasploit, Proxychains, SOCKS Proxy, Chisel, and Ligolo-ng, and discover the differences between reverse shells and bind shells.
Posted on Jul 05 / 2023
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