Unlocking Cybersecurity Excellence for Critical Infrastructure with Dragos

Echelon Risk + Cyber partners with Dragos to provide expertly implemented and seamlessly integrated cybersecurity solutions, ensuring comprehensive support for critical infrastructure protection.

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Navigating Today's Challenges: Echelon and Dragos' Comprehensive Cybersecurity Overview

At Echelon Risk + Cyber, we recognize the pressing need for cybersecurity solutions in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) environments. Partnering with Dragos allows us to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity approach tailored specifically for these critical platforms, addressing evolving threat landscapes.

The threat landscape in ICS and OT is evolving rapidly. Dragos provides a unique, comprehensive cybersecurity solution tailored for ICS and OT. We assist clients in operationalizing Dragos' technology. Our expertise ensures clients fully leverage Dragos for maximum effectiveness.

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How We Partner with Dragos

Echelon brings vast experience in planning, implementing, and optimizing cybersecurity solutions. Our Dragos partnership ensures clients receive comprehensive support.

As a united force, we bring a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, specializing in planning, implementing, and optimizing robust security solutions. Here's how our joint efforts benefit you:

Comprehensive Technical Landscape Understanding

We work diligently to comprehend your current technical landscape, recognizing the unique aspects of your organization's needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our collaboration focuses on finding and delivering solutions that are customized to meet your specific cybersecurity requirements.

Value-added Workshops and Implementation Services

Through value-added workshops, we provide discovery and implementation services, ensuring a seamless integration of security measures.

Certified Engineering Resources

You can trust our certified engineering resources to implement security platforms following industry best practices, providing you with a robust and reliable security infrastructure.

Documentation and Solution Roadmaps

We emphasize the importance of documentation and solution roadmaps, providing a clear path for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your security measures.

Comprehensive Dragos Expertise

Echelon leverages extensive expertise in strategizing, executing, and refining cybersecurity solutions. Our partnership with Dragos guarantees clients a holistic support experience.

Platform Implementation Assistance

We assist in seamlessly implementing the cybersecurity platform.

Operationalization of the Platform

We ensure the platform becomes an integral part of your operations by documenting, understanding, and aligning people, processes, and technology.

Orchestration within the Security Platform

Our collaborative efforts extend to orchestrating the newly implemented solutions within your overarching security platform.

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Join Us in Strengthening Cybersecurity

Together, Echelon Risk + Cyber and Dragos are redefining the standards of cybersecurity. Join us on this journey to fortify your organization against cyber threats and embrace a future where security is not just a measure but a mindset.

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