Cybersecurity Mastery: Elevate Compliance, Strengthen Defenses

Echelon Risk + Cyber, in partnership with Drata, delivers unparalleled cybersecurity solutions. Our expertise in Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Penetration Testing ensures your organization's robust defense.

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Leveraging Drata and Echelon: Security Unleashed, Compliance Reinforced

Leveraging Drata's top GRC management platform, alongside Echelon's cybersecurity expertise and services, yields a robust compliance and cybersecurity program, fortified by thorough penetration testing for comprehensive protection.

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How We Work

As a Drata Partner, the Echelon team provides guidance and hands-on assistance throughout your Drata onboarding experience. Echelon’s Information Security experts will help develop and manage all of your GRC needs. You can have complete confidence that you are covered from your Drata instance onboarding, platform maintenance and beyond. Our experience with GRC management, along with dedicated strategic and tactical support, ensures that you get the best use out of your Drata instance to meet your specific needs.

Drata Onboarding

  • Drata platform on boarding overview
  • Walkthrough of Drata control frameworks
  • Walkthrough of a sample control in Drata
  • Walkthrough of Drata control monitoring
  • Walkthrough of the Drata policy center
  • Review of a sample policy in Drata

Ongoing Drata Platform Maintenance and GRC Support

  • Manual control tracking
  • Maintenance of automated control monitoring
  • Policy review and revision
  • Maintenance of control mapping
  • Ongoing audit and compliance support
  • Regular GRC status meetings

Comprehensive Drata Expertise

Echelon has a deep bench of cybersecurity and compliance experts, well versed with Drata, as well as, all other cybersecurity tools needed to have a mature and effective cybersecurity program (e.g., Vulnerability Scanning, Endpoint Protection, Security Training, Email Protection, etc.). Echelon uses the Drata platform ourselves, making us a perfect company to entrust your compliance management with.

Not only do we know compliance management and the Drata platform inside and out, we are a full service cybersecurity firm offering all the security services you need to complete your cyber program and meet your compliance requirements. These other services space across our Virtual CISO led Security Team as a Service practice, Defensive Security, Offensive Security and Risk Advisory Services. Some of the most important and common services our Drata clients leverage include:

Risk Assessments
Audit Preparation
Penetration Testing
Virtual CISO Strategic Guidance
Policy and Procedure Development
Incident Response Readiness, including Tabletop Exercises
Security Control Implementation and Gap Remediation
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Let's Enhance Your Cybersecurity Approach Together!

Discover the strength of a partnership that prioritizes your cybersecurity needs. Learn More about how Drata and Echelon can empower your organization's cybersecurity strategy.

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