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Bridging the Gap in Cybersecurity with Expel

Echelon and Expel align for advanced cybersecurity, merging MSSP expertise with swift, effective threat detection and response strategies.

Premier Partnership for Effective Response

Organizations often struggle to respond effectively to cyber threats using existing tools. Our strategic partnership with Expel is designed to address this challenge, recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches. Organizations need to bridge the resource gap, not just in establishing a Security Operations Center but also in continually enhancing detection and response capabilities.

The collaboration between Echelon and Expel is designed to tackle these challenges head-on. By leveraging Expel's premier capabilities, we empower organizations to respond effectively to cyber threats while optimizing their current toolset. Together, our focus is on bridging the resource gap, enabling the establishment and maintenance of a cutting-edge Security Operations Center.

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Our Role: MSSP Selection and Cybersecurity Strategy

We excel at guiding our clients through the selection process for leading MSSPs. Our primary aim is to empower you with demonstrable cybersecurity capabilities to effectively detect, respond to, and mitigate potential threats.

Expel's Advanced Capabilities in Cybersecurity Operations:

New Approach

Expel offers a revolutionary approach to Cybersecurity Operations, addressing the limitations of traditional SIEM/SOC models.

Effective Detection and Response

Faster than traditional MSSPs, with a more focused approach to detection capabilities.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Efficiently manage your resources by remediating the most relevant and likely risks to your organization.

Our Complementary Services

Comprehensive Expel Expertise

Echelon's services complement Expel by offering:

Expel 1

Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Our support includes vCISO services, ensuring your organization's strategic security direction.

Expel 2

Guidance for Cybersecurity Solutions

We assist in selecting and building scalable, consolidated solutions, enhancing event correlation and orchestration.

Expel 3

Integration Support

We identify and enable integration points between infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions, and Expel's monitoring infrastructure, eliminating blind spots.

Expel 4

Continuous Testing and Improvement

We test and enhance signaling mechanisms, ensuring robust detection and response capabilities.

Expel 5

Health Checks

Our services include assessing the health of your cybersecurity ecosystem, identifying maintenance issues, and improving detection coverage.

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Let's Enhance Your Cybersecurity Strategy Together

Our collaboration prioritizes attentive problem-solving. Echelon and Expel work together to understand and address your unique cybersecurity challenges, empowering organizations to enhance their cybersecurity approach for a robust response to threats.

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