Clearly see your vulnerabilities through the eyes of an attacker.

Continuously assess your security posture through expert-led, autonomous penetration testing.

Echelon Continuous Penetration Testing

Threats Are Continuously Evolving – Your Pen Testing Should Evolve Too

Continuous Pen Testing is a valuable exercise because it is designed to emulate real-world attacks against your network, systems, and people. The goal is to uncover critical issues within your organizational control structure.

Unfortunately, the attack surface of an organization is not stagnant; it is constantly changing. Attackers constantly find new vulnerabilities to exploit while IT departments regularly make environmental changes.

Our Continuous Pen Testing offering combines the knowledge of our talented adversarial emulation engineers with best-in-class continuous and autonomous penetration testing tooling. This combination enables your organization to persistently emulate threat actor activity within your environment at machine speed.

Our Continuous Pen Test offering will not only help your organization become more secure, but it will also ensure it stays that way.

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“We used to do a penetration test once a year and always worried about proper risk coverage. The team at Echelon has opened our mind to a much more effective approach that allows us to sleep easier knowing that we are continually validating our controls.”
“The level of adversarial knowledge of the Echelon team paired with their automation tools are truly a game changer for us. We went from performing a manual test twice a year to an a more continuous model that is testing and validating our controls on a more consistent basis.”

Some key differentiators of our Continuous Pen Testing offering include:

  • Mindset shift from one-time vulnerability discovery to constant security validation
  • A controlled and bespoke experience that is customized to meet your unique cybersecurity resilience needs
  • The ability to approach the engagement with an intelligence-led red team approach
  • Leadership and support of world-class adversarial emulation engineering experts
  • Persistent testing and validation of your environment through autonomous systems that can be “always-on”
  • On-demand and hands-on expert guidance through remediation activities

We validate the security of your environment and controls persistently and at scale.

Agile Methodology Meets Cybersecurity Resilience

Our continuous penetration testing process was built for speed, with the goal of faster issue identification and reducing the mean time to vulnerability remediation. We incorporate a four-step phased process that allows us to successfully evaluate your cybersecurity resiliency at speed and scale in real-time.


The key to successful continuous penetration testing is careful planning. We will first collaborate with your team to holistically understand your environment. We will conduct a technology survey to learn about the various key business applications and the supporting infrastructure in place. We will also take time to understand any nuances within your network architecture.

This detailed planning process helps us to evaluate your unique pen testing needs and our own technology needs to establish and configure our tooling within the environment. We will then work with you to install our autonomous penetration testing tooling within the environment using a simple docker container installation. Our autonomous penetration testing software is safe to run in production and runs no persistent or credentialed agents.

During the planning phase we will also establish a testing cadence with you that incorporates our automated tooling as well as manual testing processes through our experienced adversarial emulation engineers.

Finally, we will establish and agree upon communication protocols and cadence for communicating observations and other issues uncovered during the testing process. We encourage constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage.


Based on your unique needs we will build and execute our penetration testing plan through a combination of human led and autonomous tooling. We will work with you to configure our autonomous penetration testing software according to our plans and supplement the testing where needed with our experienced adversarial emulation engineers. We will customize our testing plan to perform specific test cases that are tailor-made for your environment and make them intelligence-led where possible. Once the systems are configured, we will begin to execute the testing process with a human-in-the-loop.

Our human-in-the-loop will be an experienced adversarial simulation engineer who will evaluate the runtime success of the penetration test and communicate the results to the defensive team at your organization.


After executing the penetration test, our adversarial emulation engineers will collaborate with your team to evaluate and review each of the findings and issues uncovered. We will follow communication protocols established during the planning phase to document, communicate and track all issues. We can use a client defined bug tracking tool, collaboration tool, or we can offer a custom issue tracking solution.

Our team will work with you to explain the attack methodology behind each issue and ensure that your team understands the path to remediation. In addition, our defensive security engineers can help augment your team and assist in remediation as necessary.


By this point, we have set the plan, executed upon it, and evaluated initial results. Based on the outcome of these initial phases we will iterate on the plan and cycle through the testing processes at a cadence that makes sense for you and your team. Our tooling can be scheduled to run at a pre-defined interval that we can adjust according to your needs.

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